Registration Form

We completed 8 years of service at the Temple and now expanding the classes to lower Grades for serving the community in South County/Woodbridge area To register for the Durga Temple classes please come on any Saturday between 9:00 am and 11:00 am to the Temple basement. Classes start on Saturday, September 6. Major part of tuition money you pay for the Durga Temple classes goes to non-profit organizations, including the Durga Temple. Registration can be done on the first day of classes as well. The 6th Grade program includes preparation for the Iowa exam and 7th Grade Math SoL. A student has to pass these two tests to get into Algebra-I in 7th Grade. The Math/English enrichment program for Grades 2 - 5 is intended to keep students ahead in these two subjects. Our math program is word problem intensive and the English program focuses on grammar, writing, vocabulary and non-fiction writing. Our program is a classroom teaching program. For further information on classes please call 703-582-0436.